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Marc Anthony represents the best interests of others by organizing, managing, and personally promoting the needs of his clients. With direct communication, he helps his clients succeed. He implements unique strategies that give his clients a competitive edge. Marc Anthony Davila is responsible for building new business relationships and nurturing new clients daily. He believes business begins with honesty and will always operate in good faith under all circumstances.

Marc Anthony helps match homebuyers with properties that meet their specific needs. Unlike other agents who confuse their clients with dozens of listings, he will only share with you properties that truly meet your wants and needs. He educates purchasers so that they are able to make informed decisions quickly during the acquisition process and helps connect buyers with the resources they need most.

If you are selling your home, Marc Anthony will work with you to evaluate all options and selling strategies. He will think outside the box to get your listing in front of as many prospective buyers as he can. Utilizing the resources offered at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Marc Anthony provides many resources that other brokerages do not. His excellent reputation, honest approach, and relationships with local agents in Beverly Hills will help sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Marc Anthony brings homebuyers and sellers together in a peaceful way so that their transaction is hassle free and successful.

Marc Anthony Davila is not an attorney or tax professional, he is well connected with legal and tax advisors who are ready to assist you quickly.
So much about modern life is subject to rapid change and obsolescence. It’s as if whatever isn’t updated becomes outdated. When it comes to architecture that we consider timeless, authenticity is the key to creating homes that express both enduring beauty and daily vitality. Architect Wade Weissmann has spent the last 20 years designing classically inspired estates of many styles around the world. These estates offer the unexpected, with unique design elements and architectural details that convey the best of American inspiration, while enabling a contemporary lifestyle.

Below, Weissmann shares his top tips for how to create a timeless classic.

• Look to history – Digital image sources such as Pinterest and Houzz are phenomenal resources, but unfortunately, you’ll encounter a lot of “builder detailing” mixed in with great classics. Instead, look to houses built from the late 1800s to 1940. Custom architect-designed homes are good references, as are pattern book houses.

• Include built-ins when possible – reading nooks, window seats, butler’s pantries and bookshelves, as they all evoke a timeless nod to the past.

• All good architecture, regardless of style (classical, modern or vernacular), has nicely proportioned windows and doors, which sit pleasingly in the surrounding wall. Architects are trained in understanding what this means and producing well-proportioned buildings. • The front entry has traditionally been used in great architecture to make a powerful first impression. Use it to create a sense of welcome and a foretaste of the hospitality offered inside.

Let your house speak for you – stories and personalities don’t have an expiration date. Orient spaces toward your favorite views, arrange spaces to entertain in the way you like and choose finishes that make you comfortable. Personalizing your home will prevent it from becoming trapped in the trendy and homogenous.

By Kevin Mark Lodie
  • Mortgage flyers that help buyers make decisions
  • Broker events and parties
  • New listing e-mails directly sent to agents and managers
  • Custom, vivid, and engaging property flyers
  • High quality property photography
  • Detailed multiple listing (MLS) input
  • Professionally created listing details that work
  • Direct promotion to Marc Anthony's private network
  • Yard sign
  • Regular open houses
  • Display advertisement on MarcAnthony.Co
  • Social media distribution
  • 900+ website listings & MAXimum Exposure
  • YouTube video display
  • Prequalification of prospective purchasers
  • Comparable market analysis (CMA)
  • Broker price opinion (BPO)
  • Straight forward pricing strategy
  • Globally recognized branded representation
  • Targeted buyer study
  • Concierge services
  • Net proceed evaluation
  • Complete contract review
  • Attendance at building inspections
  • Complete communication
  • Showing feedback
  • Disclosure clarification
  • Contractual deadline reminders
  • Transaction follow up
  • Transaction stress aliviation
  • 100% accountability
  • • ...utilize Adobe programs to adjust marketing materials faster than other agents.
    • ...apply my education and elaborate on the key architectural details present in your home.
    • ...use my hands-on construction experience to study quality and craftsmanship.
    • ...add value to your transaction when you list or purchase.
    • ...communicate showing feedback with you quickly especially after open houses.
    • ...sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time.
    • ...respect your home as if it were my own.
    • ...put your best interests before my own.
    • punctual and prepared.
    • closely with the appraiser, escrow company, and lender.
    • ...ask the right questions to determine the quality of prospective buyers.
    • ...attend the buyer’s building inspection and appraisal to represent your best interest.
    • ...advise buyers to double-down on their pre-qualification.
    • ...quickly provide you with showing feedback.
    • ...keep a unique perspective unlike basic agents.
    • ...assist you step by step with completing the contract.
    • ...assist in clarifying all disclosure documents.
    • ...prepare all counter offers.
    • available 24 hours a day.
    • ...personally attend all showings.
    • ...set the stage for showings and make certain the buyers experience is perfect.
    • ...always lock up and set your alarm after showings.
    • certain you and the buyer meet all contractual deadlines.
    • ...assure your process is convenient.
    • ...communicate well with the selling agent.
    • ...clearly present and analyze every detail of the purchase agreement.
    • ...clarify what is and is not included in your sale.
    • ...expedite the escrow process.
    • 100% confident the contract is correct and complete.
    • ...confirm the buyer has signed and returned his escrow instructions.
    • ...confirm that the buyer has made their initial earnest deposit.
    • you transfer utilities when we’re ready to close escrow.
    • ...deliver keys to your buyer.
    • ...eliminate all buying and selling concerns.
    • ...always act with integrity and good faith.
    Marc Anthony Davila is passionate about keeping the peace between buyers and sellers during difficult transactions. Committed to integrity and the best interests of others, Marc Anthony will always treat your real estate transaction as if it were his own.

    Unlike other seasoned real estate professionals, Marc Anthony owns a multidisciplinary approach to complicated real estate situations. To complement his career in real estate, Marc Anthony studied architecture and design at Kent State University. With the ability to understand architectural ideas and communicate with design professionals, he is prepared to guide the most ambitious client. Marc Anthony has also worked hands-on in physical construction environments to better understand the real estate business.
    You can’t help but feel a change in sensory perception as you cross the city limits and enter the picture-perfect and elegant setting of Beverly Hills. The city’s streets are linedwith couture storefronts, manicured parkways, sparkling clean streets, pinch-me gorgeous vintage homes, and grand mansions, interwoven with contemporary architectural styles, equally as appealing.

    It’s not surprising, with the city’s not-so-modest turn of the century celebrity beginnings, that she is home to the most recognizable zip code (90210) and listed as having some of the most expensive zip codes in the nation. An estimated 34,000 people inhabit this lavish city, spanning 5.7 square miles of luxury real estate, also showcasing iconic and world famous— Rodeo Drive, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and restaurants by world renowned chef Wolfgang Puck. With the city’s allure for glamour and glitz, she is esteemed with being the most filmed location in the world.

    Beverly Hills is part of the “Platinum Triangle”, which includes the Los Angeles city communities of Bel Air and Holmby Hills. The city’s student population is served by a proprietary school district, with Beverly Hills High School as the sole secondary public education facility, listed in top 100 high schools of California.

    The city’s history in brevity: The land first granted to early feminist, Maria Rita de Valdez, named the land Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas (Gathering of the Waters), aptly for the streams that emptied into the area from surrounding hills and canyons. With each subsequent ownership, came a new use, from lima bean crops, to oil speculation and water utility, coming to rest as an elite housing development. The “Glamour Years” as they are described, began with the construction of the first mansion built by cinema celebrity couple, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. And the rest is history, as they say. As more celebrities followed suit, the city responded with a standard for glamour that has endured for decades.

    Everything seems a little bit brighter in Beverly Hills, even on the cloudiest of days.
    The Ennis house is now for sale co-listed with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and Hilton & Hyland. The buyer will certainly have a tremendous appreciation for architecture and find value in the architectural significance of this property to justify the acquisition. Known by some as the Ennis-Brown House, it is one of the most well-known architectural masterpieces of the 1920s designed by Frank Loyd Wright.

    The Ennis House showcases extraordinary views from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean and exquisite ornamentation you can get lost in.

    The Ennis House is currently priced at $23,000,000 as a result of the extensive renovations completed by owner Ronald W. Burkle. It is the last and final of four similarly designed interlocking textile block residences around Los Angeles including La Miniatura in Pasadena, The Storer Residence, and The Freeman House in the Hollywood Hills. The textile blocks were inspired by Maya Temples and the style, therefore, referred to by some as Mayan Revival architecture. The Ennis House can be interestingly compared and contrasted with The Aline Barnsdall Hollyhock House in Hollywood.

    The interlocking concrete blocks were created from decomposed granite on site and can be explored inside and outside the home.

    Offered at $23,000,000 this work of art comes fully furnished. Similar to many of Wright's commissions, the furniture is thoughtfully incorporated into the design and enhances the overall experience for its occupants.

    Frank Loyd Wright designed the Ennis House in 1923, it was then constructed by his son Loyd Wright in 1924. Because of original high costs, Charles Ennis and his wife Mabel, managed the building process themselves late during construction. After taking over they may have deviated from Wright's original design.

    The house was eventually transferred to John Nesbitt who hired Wright to renovate the property in the 1940s. Wright converted a basement storage area into a billiards room and designed a swimming pool at the north terrace. Views from the terraces extend unobstructed from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean.

    Not interested in purchasing at the $23,000,000 asking price? That's okay, Marc Anthony Davila encourages you just to make your best offer. Before the most recent renovation, it was sold in 2011 for $4,500,000. When it was listed in 2009, the original list price was set at $15,000,000. Huge price reductions followed and as the final price was recorded at $4,500,000.

    If you would like to discuss purchasing The Ennis House with Marc Anthony Davila, be sure to ask about a possible deed restriction that allows the public to view the property for 12 days each year.

    The Ennis House was included on a historic preservation list in 2005 listing it as one of America's 11 Most Endangered Places. Heavy rains and the Northridge earthquake may have damaged the property over the years before its most recent renovation. The unique textile block design may have had structural instability even before its completion.

    In addition to the homes great architectural history, it has been featured in many movies such as Blade Runner (1982), Rush Hour (1998), The Karate Kid Part III (1989), and many many more including Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003).

    Marc Anthony Davila is not a structural engineer. All opinions made in this article are not the representation of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage or Marc Anthony Davila. Each buyer is advised to complete their own independent investigation when purchasing any property and consult directly with a licensed structural engineer and/or home inspector when purchasing and/or making offers on a property.

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